April has been another busy month at The Miracle Foundation! All of our March travelers have arrived safely back in the States and had a wonderful time. Some exciting news from India is that the children studied very hard for their exams and received report cards with mostly all A’s! We will be sending sponsors copies of those in the next packets.

We also had a wonderful event held for us in New Orleans on Thursday, April 15th. This luncheon was hosted at the conference center of the First NBC Bank and about 45 people attended, including Amy Brees, the stepmother of New Orleans Saints quarterback, Drew Brees. Caroline, along with two other non-profit representatives, gave a presentation about their non-profits. It was a great way to gain some support in New Orleans and to spread the word about our mission at TMF!

We also have an event coming up on April 20th, the AMD Austin Volunteer Fair. AMD is a technology company that strives for community involvement by encouraging their employees to volunteer. The Fair will be another fantastic   opportunity to raise awareness about what we do and also to recruit new volunteers from AMD’s employee base. Part of AMD’s business model rests in connecting its employees to the community through volunteering and giving back to the cities that house AMD’s offices.  What a great way to make a difference!

If you would like to make a difference as well, we are always looking for volunteers and those willing to help us financially. Feel free to explore our website for more details!