Mother’s Day marked the 10th anniversary of The Miracle Foundation, and on Sunday, May 1, 2010, The Miracle Foundation family–including sponsors, ambassadors, donors, volunteers, board and staff members—all gathered together to celebrate this momentous milestone.

Held in the lovely home and gardens of Dr. Bill Ramsdell, the Indian-themed celebration was filled with saris, bindis, henna tattoos, laughter, and the lingering scent of vindaloo and chutney in the air. There were large photographs of smiling children and loving housemothers placed throughout the grounds, as well as twinkling white lights in the trees and tiki torches lighting the pathways. The sights, sounds, smells, and tastes all helped to create a very festive atmosphere, which was enthusiastically enjoyed by everyone who attended.

The evening was highlighted by two moving speeches by Chris Monheimer-Poyner and Caroline Boudreaux.

Chris, Caroline’s traveling companion on her original trip to India, stressed that even the smallest gesture can ultimately make a huge impact. She made this point come to life by telling the story of a decision she made one night over 15 years ago, which unbeknownst to her would ultimately result in The Miracle Foundation.

Late one night, while watching television, Chris saw a commercial and was compelled to pick up the phone and sponsor a child in India. Four years later, while on a pleasure trip around the world, Chris and Caroline made their way to eastern India in order to see if Chris’ sponsor child actually existed. He did, and both Chris and Caroline were so moved by the desolate state of his village that they stayed to volunteer there for several days. During this time, they met a local family who had taken one hundred orphaned children into their home. While the family was doing all that they could to provide for the children, the need was simply too great. Both women were devastated by what they witnessed there, but Chris emphasized that Caroline was so deeply affected that she knew she had to do something about it. That was on May 14, 2000 (Mother’s Day in the U.S.). The day that Caroline’s perspective was forever changed and The Miracle Foundation was born.

After a touching introduction from Dr. Ramsdell, Caroline took up the story where Chris left off. She explained the challenges of the first few years, and how they were balanced by the help and support she received from friends, family and strangers. She expressed her deep gratitude to everyone who has helped out during that time and since, stressing that it was everyone’s combined efforts—both large and small—which made miracles happen and ultimately led to what The Miracle Foundation has become today.

Ten years later, The Miracle Foundation operates four children’s homes in eastern India, serving over 500 thriving children, who are each being cared for by dedicated and loving mothers. Additionally, The Miracle Foundation supports the local communities, making sure that families stay together by providing the village children with books and uniforms, two meals a day, and extended childcare after school.

Caroline concluded her talk by again thanking everyone for their selfless commitment over the years and reminding them that Mother’s Day was fast approaching, and the best way to honor our own mothers is to give others what our mothers gave us: love, attention, and support. With that she asked for $25 to $100 donations, in exchange for a Mother’s Day card made by the kids, to help pay the monthly salaries of our amazing housemothers. Again, proving that even the smallest gestures can result in amazing things!