You Give, We Connect Them To Education

This tax-saving season, consider bridging the digital divide for thousands of vulnerable children who have lost access to education in the light of the pandemic.

You can provide children with access to internet-enabled devices for a year so that they can stay connected to education, services, and counseling during these trying times.

We need your support this year, more than ever. Every single investment is appreciated, and together, makes a big impact for those in need. In return, you get a 50% tax exemption on your contribution under section 80G and your gifts will continue giving to the future of these children.

What is Section 80G?

  • The sum given towards good cause draws in allowance under segment 80G of the Income Tax Act.
  • Any person or ‘assessee’ who makes an eligible donation is entitled to get tax deductions subject to conditions.
  • This section does not restrict the deduction to individuals, companies, or any specific category of taxpayer.
  • A person can get 50% tax exemption under this section.

Your gift will make a lifelong impact