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Social Service Worker – Lever Singh Arya

Social Service Worker-Lever Singh Arya

Location: India

Title: Case Manager

Organization: AARAMBH

Motivation for becoming a social worker

I am Lever Singh Arya, a resident of Patel Faliya in the Chikhli Panchayat of the Barwani district in Madhya Pradesh, India. I come from a humble, economically disadvantaged tribal family of seven members. After completing the 12th grade, I joined the Child Care Institution (CCI) run by the NGO AARAMBH. While working at the CCI, I discovered my life’s purpose while working with children who, due to various circumstances, found themselves separated from their families. AARAMBH is one of the champion organizations in India that has fully transformed from a residential care model to a family-based care model in partnership with Miracle Foundation India. I feel honoured to be part of this journey of transformation and it is ultimately what led me to study Social Work.

Role in the organization and daily tasks

Breaking gender norms, I began as a housefather at the CCI, providing primary care for the children. Over time, my role shifted to support children’s reintegration through case management, resource allocation, and community engagement. Today, I work as a Case Manager, deeply committed to strengthening families.

My typical day involves meeting children, families, and the community, conducting follow-ups, assessments, counseling, and intervention planning. I am responsible for child protection, resource mapping and identification of families at risk, and also handle unexpected events related to child safety. Additionally, I conduct community awareness sessions with communities on the importance of families and the harmful effects of institutionalization.

Education and Training

Hailing from a tribal community, I’ve come a long way and now have a postgraduate degree in Social Work (MSW). This, along with my training in various fields like family strengthening, child protection, and case management, has prepared me for my role as a Case Manager. My practical experience in child protection settings has sharpened my skills, and I’ve also earned a postgraduate diploma in computer education.

Most rewarding aspect of the job

The most rewarding moments are when I see that positive changes are happening in the lives of children, their families, or the community due to my work. This includes children reuniting with their families, continuing their education and living in their communities. These are the moments that are truly heartwarming and inspire me to continue working.

I find also endless inspiration in the presence of children, their boundless energy, pure innocence, and unconditional love. This profound connection led me to AARAMBH, where I wholeheartedly dedicate myself to caring for children without parental support and challenging gender norms with unwavering compassion.

Most challenging aspect of the job

The toughest times are when people don’t quite understand what I’m trying to achieve. At first, not many children and their families were ready for reintegration and many didn’t know how to keep children safe at home and in the community. Getting the community involved in taking care of children is also hard.

Author: Lever Singh Arya

Disclaimer: The article was originally published on Global Social Service Workforce Alliance. The views expressed in the article are the author’s and do not necessarily reflect those of Miracle Foundation India.