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Science wizards

December has begun in Bethel with a heap full of activities.  A science exhibition and competition was organised for children of grades 5-9. The children came up with exceptional projects and the best of the lot were recognized in front of the entire school. The charm about the projects was that each one of them was made using waste materials. The children chose to work independently without any help from their teachers or the caregiving staff.

Some examples:



  1. A model of a house made out of cardboard and matchsticks had working lights inside it. The children used stray pieces of wire and a battery to produce light.
  2. Working model of a windmill
  3. Two other teams turned up with a working model of a boat that actually worked in water.
  4. A working model of a crane by using wheels of a toy car, geometry box, stray wire and battery and magnet.


Most of the participating teams definitely amazed us with their imagination and skills.


The children also took the opportunity to describe their creations to the audience.