Research Report

Designed for trainers imparting life skills education to children ages 5-18.

  • Miracle’s LSE Program is based upon the core set of life skills as identified by WHO (1994). Includes Social skills, Thinking skills, Emotional skills. All skills are interrelated. They are Psychosocial and interpersonal skills that promote mental well-being and lead to a healthy and productive life.
  • The practice of these life skills leads to an increased sense of competence and positive changes in behavior. The ultimate goal for children is greater confidence and self-esteem, a healthy, positive lifestyle, and the ability to become self-sustaining citizens of the world community.
  • This program contains a number of units, each focusing on one Life Skill, and each broken into parts with activities from which to choose.
  • Each unit is divided into sessions for particular age groups (ages 5-8, 9-12, 13+)
  • The number of units per age group varies as the sessions have been designed to meet the needs and developmental level of the children. The youngest group will receive training on only the very basic skills.