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Report from India: Day 5 (March 2011 Trip)

y Ambassador Mona Chamhidray
This morning, we saw the children off for their first day of exams. Watching them prepare for school was such a gift. They are always immaculately dressed and their hair is brushed. They even take the time to polish their shoes. Before eating breakfast, prayer is a must. Then, they all pile onto the bus with such amazingly happy smiles that you find yourself smiling too. Their enthusiasm is so evident that it’s absolutely contagious!
I went to visit the toddlers early in the morning and one thing in particular amazed me. My hands and lap were taken over by children, when one child began to scream and cry for my love and affection. I had no more room on my lap for this beautiful baby, and my heart was breaking. Another little boy noticed his friend in tears and crawled over and began to wipe his tears to soothe him. It was so touching. These children are always so gentle and loving with each other.
Until today, I had not had much interaction with the Housemothers, but this morning I was fortunate enough to find them behind the cottages, making breakfast and bread for the children. This is where the Housemothers let loose and have their own fun. Laughing and gossiping! They are so incredibly nice and loving.
Mina is the cook and yoga teacher, two lifesavers in one. The food is immaculate. Taken fresh from the garden every morning. We had a cooking class today and she taught us how to cook dahl, potato jam, and cumin vegetables. Along with the deliciousness of every meal, Mina is sure to point out the use for each vegetable and what it does for your body.
March 15, 2011 CATEGORY: People