Recently, we had a 3-day staff workshop for our 20 team members in India. At the workshop, our team learned a lot about the updates to the JJA (Juvenile Justice Act), which sets rules and regulations for children’s homes in India. It was a lovely couple of days for the team, and in the time they were together, they continued to foster the supportive culture of the organization

Here are some reflections on the workshop from a few of our incredible team members.

Jacintha, Program Manager (West):

The first day of the workshop began with Manisha’s soft voice explaining the concept and scope of the recently updated Juvenile Justice Act. We discussed the role and involvement of the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) and the need for a ‘Care Plan’ for every child until she or he gets settled in life. As we proceeded further in the discussion of the JJ Act, I got a better understanding of the term ‘care and protection’ of the child. I realized how important it is for us to ensure the utmost care for every child. That session opened doors to thoughts of believing that we are on the right path to make a better world for the next generation.

Bhavani, Program Manager (South):

After we landed in Mumbai, it took us nearly two and half hours to reach the training spot (RMP-KCE), in Uttan village. We took a small break on the way to have a taste of local Mumbai and ate pani puri and bhel puri. It was very exciting and new for people like us from South India! Because we speak a different language than people in Mumbai, we were worried about finding the training venue, but we did it with surprising ease.  🙂

Day 1 of the workshop started with the session on the JJA, which is one of my favorite topics. Ms. Manisha took us through the JJA, and it reminded me of my previous work with children. It’s been a good exercise for me personally to refresh and update my knowledge on the JJA. There were wonderful discussions on it, and I believe all of our team is now confident in guiding our children’s homes.

Day 2 had many wonderful sessions on different aspects of our programs. It’s been a special day for Jacintha and I, as we were entrusted with doing a presentation addressing questions on certification milestones. Thanks to all! I was excited to learn about the transformation from calling what we do monitoring to mentoring of our children’s homes. A conversation about our funding philosophy gave us a lot of clarity on changes, due the receipt of our FCRA license, which allows us to receive foreign funds. We all went to beach together in the evening and then had a fun gala dance party before dinner! Banu and Christina did a very memorable dance (as agreed by all).  😉

Day 3 was another wonderful day where (Founder) Caroline presented on thinking big and outside the box. I just loved her philosophy of making Miracle India a self-sustaining organization. Her presentation inspired me to think of my own life, and I love the way she sees work as a movement to change the society into a better place for the orphans. It was a very inspiring talk by her which made me feel more committed to the cause. With this new inspiration, I am back to work to bring in the change we want in the children’s lives!


In the Refinery – March 2016 workshop in honing the skills of Miracle’ites

The three day workshop proved to be wonder potion for all Miracle’ites. Learning in detail about what we are working on seemed to be good idea even before we got to the Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini Campus, Thane. Little did we know that the place was amazing and that the things we were going to learn would begin to draw light to empowering children’s lives. Ms. Manisha took us through the Juvenile Justice Act on the first day. We overwhelmed her with questions on the Act’s definitions and the areas which it addressed. For example, we asked her about a lot on the after care homes and the JJA’s take on the fact that many children turn 18 years and have to leave the children’s home. It was moving to hear that every orphan belongs to the State, and it is the state’s responsibility to take care of the well-being of the child.

Day two of the workshop brought informative sessions on certification milestones, new terminologies at Miracle, and mental health topics. Kudos to the trainers: Bhavani, Jacintha, Niyoshi, and Sandhya. Additionally, financials was discussed at length, and as staff, what we would look for to support children’s homes proved beneficial.

Well, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy & Jill get tired too! The Miracle crew danced away the night and a party near the pool was arranged. Fun, laughter, and a lot of dancing to groovy numbers helped us all relax. Thanks to the DJs at Miracle. Of course, we slept like logs, and the third day was no less exciting than the past two. It was Caroline’s day — she made presentations to us on funding philosophy, the past and future of Miracle, and very excitingly…she unveiled the new logo! Every time we hear her passion towards our children, our emotions run along with hers, and we submit even more to the cause. A few administrative matters were presented by Nivedita mam to give us a glimpse of the staff welfare programs that were planned at Miracle.

A trip to be cherished forever!


The first thing I would say: What an amazing team workshop which renewed and enhanced the bonding among Miracle team members, instilling fresh energy to work towards the mission of empowering children without parental care to reach their full potential. The extensive session on the Juvenile Justice Act made me think how much Miracle’s work is truly a manifestation of the spirit and specifications of the JJA Act. The significant aspect of this session was that the team members put forth questions and observations about guidance and mentorship that all came from the actual situations in their respective children’s home situations.

The second day got into progress tracking of children homes, certification tools, refreshing roles & responsibility, quality assurance, funding philosophy, and mental health programs! We discussed efficiency, and it was heart-warming to listen to Caroline for the first time in person and be awed by the long term vision of the organization. Lastly, of course, the fun time at the nearby Gorai beach and the exhilarating poolside dance performance made this a memorable meeting of miracles.