This doesn’t have anything to with orphans or even children but I found this story from India too funny to pass up.

A man from Ranchi, Jharkhand, India, which is where our orphanage Sooch Village is located, is punishing himself for not pursuing a lost love by writing her name 10 million times on postcards.

The sad parts? He’s just over 10% of the way there and he, uh, has a current wife too.

A man in Jharkhand has written the name of his lost love 1.4 million times since 1997 and wants to continue till he reaches the figure of 10 million as penance for not having had the courage to ask for her hand in marriage as well as to inspire other lovers.

Kishore Kumar Gaba, a resident of Ranchi, fell in love 20 years ago but could not muster the courage to propose marriage to her since her family had a higher economic status than his own.

Later, Gaba married another girl and had two daughters but decided to write his first love’s name 10 million times on postcards.

“I love my wife and daughters. My family is my life but I write my first love’s name to keep her memories alive, to punish myself for not having asked her to marry me and to teach a lesson to other lovers,” Gaba said.

According to Gaba, he spends an hour everyday in writing his lost love’s name on postcards.

Wow. That’s a lot of guilt.