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Prepping for the Trip

When you think of international travel, you probably don’t picture yourself getting poked with needles and taking caplets that upset your stomach. Alas, it is the price of traveling to India.

Last week at the Austin Travel Clinic, I was inoculated with Hepatitis A, Tetanus and updated Polio vaccinations. After the first two shots, both of my arms were sore for about two days but nothing worse than that. I’m not a big needle guy – Who is anyway? – but it wasn’t that bad.

I also have to take the Typhoid medicine picture above, which I’m on my last pill of. You take four pills every other day and that’s it. I’m actually at home now fighting off a bit of nausea from the pill I took this morning. I checked the side effects and sure enough, nausea is a one of them. But isn’t nausea a side effect for everything?

I will also be taking malaria pills, which you have to take a week before you leave, during your trip and for a time after that. I’ve been assured that no one gets sick on these trips and I’m not really worried about it.

Our travel coordinator Barbara Joubert should be landing in Delhi sometime around now. I will be heading out in exactly one week. The entire trip will take close to 20 hours, span three continents, nearly 7,500 miles and the airspace of at least a dozen countries.

Writing this is getting me so excited for the trip! I hope you enjoy the account of my travels.

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