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#MiracleMoms: Home Away From Home


Today, Ranju* isn’t able to recall the face of her family but the 40 hours long train journey to a never ending destination without food and vulnerability, still haunts her. She was found abandoned on a platform of Trivandrum Railway Station by the Trivandrum Central Police and brought to a Miracle mentored Child Care Institution (CCI) nine years ago.

At Miracle Foundation India, we focus on settling the child back into their family but in many cases, a CCI is the last resort for the child. In Ranju’s case, we were never able to trace her family, as she was too young to share details and did not remember the name of her village. Since then, the CCI has been her home and she looks up to the Chief Functionary – Anu ji as her mother figure. She shares a great bond with her- Anu Ji's love is like a fortress for Ranju where she seeks protection, guidance, and care.

Learning about Ranju’s interest in makeup and cosmetology, Anu Ji enrolled her to attend a career guidance class where she could take up her interests professionally. Ranju has recently got admission to the LAKME academy of make-up and is pursuing a diploma in advanced cosmetology. Her journey, so far, has been filled with many obstacles and challenges but she treads confidently towards a bright future.

“Every girl has a different story and most of them have a family or next kin but Ranju has only us. I may not be her biological mother but we share a child-mother bond, she will be leaving the CCI soon to start her own journey but whenever she needs me, I will be there in a heartbeat.” Anu Ji shared with the Miracle Foundation team.

Kudos to this #MiracleMom for everything she has done for Ranju and hundreds of others in her care.

This Mother’s Day, honor your mom by supporting #MiracleMoms like Anu Ji and others who have given their time and efforts selflessly for the betterment of vulnerable children.