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#Miraclemoms: family is the best place for children to thrive

#Miraclemoms, family is the best place for children to thrive
#Miraclemoms, family is the best place for children to thrive

Anjana* was eight-year-old and her brother Rohit* was five when the siblings were placed in institutional care. They had lost their parents due to a terminal illness. The extended family decided to admit the children to a child care institution (CCI) for further care and upkeep. 

The two got access to quality education, and healthcare and learned life skills to wade through their growing years. All this while they were longing to return home to their uncle, aunty, and sister.

Even though his uncle and aunt were quite affectionate towards the siblings, their financial condition didn’t allow extra members in the family. The uncle - a daily wager and aunt worked as a farmhand.

When the Miracle trained and supported CCI and started managing Anjana and Rohit’s case, they were certain that the children could return to their family if the family can be supported financially. Our Thrive Scale tool helped us identify gaps where the family needed support and devise a needs-based support plan. Miracle Foundation India works with children like Anjana* and Rohit* to transition from institutionalized care to family-based and alternative care.

Miracle India Foundation linked the family to government schemes and NGOs for support and resources. Today, the uncle is getting regular employment assurance through govt. run rural employment schemes and Anjana and Rohit financial aid from the government, till they turn 18.

Most of the children coming to CCIs have one parent or next of kin who can take care of them. In most cases, it is the poverty and lack of resources due to which a child is pushed into the child care institution. Most of them are solvable with your support.

This Mother’s day honor your mom through the #MiracleMoms campaign and help children unite with their families.