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Message from the Founder

A loving family, for every child… by 2050.

That’s the goal. I’ve been telling people this and they laugh. They say, “You can’t be serious. That is impossible.”

But think about it: In 1990, if you had told people there would be no smoking in bars by the year 2010, they would have had the same reaction. They would have told you that’s impossible, laughable.

But look at us now. It’s now passé to smoke. That’s because a small group of thoughtful people got together and said that it wasn’t good for us, that we just weren’t going to stand by and kill ourselves, smell bad and not think about it.

This is exactly what is happening now, my friends. A small group of thoughtful people have come together to say, “NO! We’re not going to stand for the way our children are being treated. We’re not going to sit by and let our foster care and orphanage systems systematically neglect, harm and abuse them. The time has come to stop it.”

We have 33 years.

And you know the coolest part about this? It’s not even the Miracle Foundation’s deadline! This deadline was decided by a collaborative of other nonprofits and donors in this space. They’ve said, “Let’s band together and get this done! Let’s find a way to get every child into a loving family.”

They know it’s going to take us all to make this right.

Who knows? In 33 years, our children might look back to 2017 and say, “Can you believe they used to just stand by and let innocent children suffer?”

And someone will laugh and say, “You can’t be serious. That is impossible.”

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