Some people have to actively seek opportunities to receive Karma, while there are others like me who find it in their work assignments. It was way back in 2013 when I first got acquainted with Miracle Foundation and had the opportunity to meet its Founder, Caroline Boudreaux. At the time, Caroline was traveling to one of the children’s homes supported by Miracle Foundation with a group of Ambassadors from the US. Having worked in the tourism industry for a couple of years, I was accompanying this group as their local tour director.

Typically, my assignments require me to wax eloquent on the cultural, traditional, architectural and political aspects of the country, while making the travel smooth on the logistics front. With Miracle Foundation, it was different. This group was so focused on the philanthropic aspect of their trip that it was not long before I felt initiated as one of them! What a journey it was!

I have lived in India all my life and yes, I do have some idea of the country’s issues, especially the issues faced by children from disadvantaged communities. But Caroline and her team brought me face-to-face with the harsh reality of children without parents, some living in homes in seemingly unreachable and unheard of parts of India. On that trip and on trips since, I have seen the Miracle team work with hand-in-hand with children’s homes, social workers, housemothers and the other caregiving staff. Miracle builds their capacity and trains them to improve the quality of care given to their children.

I remember regrouping with the Ambassadors after our days at the home and talking about how each one of us felt. These conversations were when I realized I wanted to be a part of Miracle’s journey not just as a tour director, but also more meaningfully. Shortly after that first trip, I hosted my first-ever fundraiser in my home, where I invited other like-minded people to spend an evening with Caroline and hear the story of the Miracle Foundation. I donate to Miracle Foundation monthly, and know that my investment is making a difference in the life of a child. I have witnessed the transformation of the children and the staff with my own eyes.

A few of the other Miracle Foundation donors are now my friends for life and inspire me with their genuine concern, knowledge and passion for the children they visit year after year. Having seen the Miracle Foundation from so many different perspectives now – as a tour director, a donor, a friend of the Founder and some of the other donors – someday I hope to be able to take on an even more of an active role with the organization. Because the children of India do not need alms or short-term measures which are meaningless, but the long-term support that Miracle provides. It is time that India starts taking care of her own children! I invite you to join me in supporting Miracle Foundation and children without parents.