An alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad, Mr. S. L. Ganapathy is known for his entrepreneurial drive. It is that same zeal and commitment that he invests in Miracle Foundation India. An acquaintance of India Country Head Nivedita DasGupta, Mr. Ganapathy has been associated with the organization since its inception in 2011. He is a regular contributor and has seen the organization grow from supporting 300 children to almost 1,300 children!

With a heart made of gold, Mr. Ganapathy is a regular contributor and volunteer for many NGOs supporting children from disadvantaged communities, people with disabilities and the aging. Easily approachable, understanding and helpful, Mr. Ganapathy is also at the forefront of a local area citizen’s forum, working with the authorities to find solutions to issues in the area. He has also run marathons to raise money for the causes he so strongly supports and believes in.

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