Selvi is one of the incredible Housemothers caring for the children at the Anbarasi Child Care Institution. This Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating Selvi & all the primary caregivers at the Child Care Institutions (CCIs) we partners with and support.

Selvi is 38 years old and used to work as a salesperson near Anbarasi. Even before joining as a Housemother, Selvi felt extremely empathetic to children without parents, and she decided to commit her life to helping care for and love them.

Since 2014, Selvi has been ‘Amma’ to 14 girls and 5 boys.

Selvi takes pride in the fact that her family gets along well. The older girls and boys are loving toward the little ones, helping them get washed and with their homework.

Selvi says, “Children should be allowed to be children. Sometimes they are messy and mischievous and silly, and that is OK. Loving children unconditionally and guiding them as they grow up is a mother’s calling and the best feeling in the world.”

This Mother’s Day, honor your mom by helping us fund Selvi and all the Housemothers who provide the children secure, stable, loving childhoods. Make a donation in your mom’s name. You’ll receive a special Mother’s Day certificate for your honoree and a profile of a housemother like Selvi.

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