26 October 2010

Namaste from India!

Wow, what an amazing 24 hours the volunteers have had at The Miracle Foundation’s premiere Children’s Home. We arrived on Monday evening and were greeted by over 200 beautiful children. We went to the prayer hall and everyone joined in prayer. We received a hearty welcome, with each visitor receiving a bouquet of flowers. Then we passed out name tags. It was so chaotic and fun as each of the volunteers tried to find their list of children.

Today, we have set up our medical camp. All of The Miracle Foundation children and the Lunch & Learn program kids from the nearby town will get check-ups over the course of this week. We have pediatricians, dentists, nurses and other volunteers who have dedicated their time to travel to the other side of the world to make this happen. It is truly an amazing joint effort of knowledge, cultures and love.

Today we’ve started with the infants and the Lunch & Learn children. Jobs are set and we are making it happen.

Know that when you get involved in The Miracle Foundation, you are creating miracles. And your money really goes to change the lives of these children. Children who are going to break the cycle of poverty and perhaps one day change the world!

See you soon with more updates!
Ambassador Kathleen