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Kids Achieve BIG

The children at Chirag, Aarambh and Bal Asha Ghar Child Care Institutions are achieving BIG! Here are 3 fun updates on the great things these kids are doing.

Chirag Children’s Home
Ruby and Sanu both attend the nearby sports academy – Ruby in shooting and Sanu in karate. Recently, the two girls participated in competitions and did SO well! Ruby got both a gold and bronze medal and Sanu got a bronze medal. The other girls at Chirag are so proud of Parvati and Sanover – and we are too!

Aarambh Children’s Home
Sujit is 16 years old and dreams of becoming an artist. He’s very passionate about art and loves to paint beautiful pictures, especially landscapes. Recently, he showed off his creativity by creating a 3D model of Aarambh. Way too cool!


Bal Asha Ghar Children’s Home
Priyansh from Bal Asha Ghar loves sports – especially martial arts. Recently, he competed in a state-level competition in Maharashtra for Taekwondo, and won first place! We’re so proud of him, and love seeing him pursue his passions and succeed.

(All names of the children have been changed to protect their privacy in line with Miracle Foundation’s policies)