Friday, October 29, 2010


The work continues at The Miracle Foundation Home for Children in India. The medical team saw approximately 50 children yesterday, completing physicals, teeth cleaning and eye exams. Everything is right on schedule and moving as smoothly as things can in India. There are power losses and sometimes a lack of supplies, but that is all part of the amazing experience.

All of the kids from all of TMF homes are here for the weekend and it is like a huge family reunion party at the village. There is a beautiful prayer pavilion here. Every night at 6PM the children pray. There are many religions represented and we honor all of them with prayers to Allah, Jesus and Shiva. There is a shrine containing photos of all.

On Wednesday night the children from this home were saying their prayers. They are sooo well behaved and orderly. Even the toddlers. But on this particular night, it was difficult to pay attention. Just as the lovely voices started, a big bus came rolling up into the complex. Off jumped 50 chatting “cousins” from the other TMF Children’s Home. Next thing you know, that party had begun. Double feature Bollywood movie night!

I am heading to Mumbai later today, so this will be my last blog entry. In closing I want to tell you that this organization is doing amazingly wonderful things to empower orphans in India. I highly recommend getting involved on some level. This trip is like nothing most people will ever experience.

Thanks for spending some time here.

TMF Ambassador