January 26th was Republic Day in India, a holiday similar to the 4th of July.  This day recognizes the day the Constitution of India was put in place, and is usually celebrated with a large parade in Delhi and a shortened school day for India’s children! It is also tradition on this holiday that India’s prime minister and president host another country’s head of government. This year it was the president of the Republic of Korea, Lee Myung bak.

According to Katelyn’s blog, this special day did not go uncelebrated by the orphanages. The staff members hoisted the Indian flag and showered the orphanage grounds with flowers.  Of course, the children were thrilled to go to school for only half a day and have no homework. Sounds just like any other kid in the world. The rest of the day was spent playing, eating, singing, and other fun activities.

The housemothers insisted that Katelyn wear a sari, a traditional Indian garment that they wear daily. Katelyn said she was happy to participate, but was grateful the housemothers offered to help with the tying of the sari.

Here are some photos Katelyn took on Republic Day of herself and Pummi, and one of the orphans, Nitika.

It was also Pummi’s, one of the housemothers, birthday, and she received many “Happy Birthdays” from the children and a birthday cake! Pummi works so hard to help make the children happy, fed and bathed. We hope she had a wonderful day!

What else can you look forward to in Miracle Foundation news? The February newsletter will be mailed next week, and the India holiday, Holi, a Festival of Colors is March 1st.