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Career Talk

All children at Miracle Foundation-supported Child Care Institutions (CCIs) receive career counselling while in secondary school. This process guides them to think about their future career goals and dreams – and to make a plan for how to achieve those goals and dreams! The girls in 9th grade and above at Gokul CCI recently received career counselling – keep reading to learn how it went! (Spoiler: It went GREAT!)

First, all the girls attended a career fair, where various colleges, vocational schools, and businesses spoke about what they do and what they look for in applicants. Many fields were represented – science, commerce, arts, and more!

Then, the girls each took an individual aptitude test, followed by an individual counseling session with a mentor. During this part of the process, every girl received specific information related to her chosen career path(s)! Mentors discussed their career paths in detail, talked about what education or certification is necessary to get a job in different industries, and gave general advice on how to achieve specific career goals.

Read below to meet three of the girls who participated in the career counseling:

Meet Sonali, 11th grade

Before attending the career counseling session this year, Sonali wanted to pursue economics. But as soon as she learned more about finance and accounting, she realized that is what she is really passionate about!


Meet Priyanshi, 12th grade

Priyanshi is super passionate about the arts! She wants to go to college to learn more about different art forms and use her blossoming talent to create more beauty in the world. Priyanshi learned a lot at the career fair, and her motivation was evident.


Meet Abby, 11th grade

Before the career fair, Abby was pretty sure she wanted to become an artist. But as she was introduced to new careers, Abby realized she wants to learn more about becoming a nurse. Her housemother and social worker will continue to help her learn more about that field, so she can be sure to pick a career that she is passionate about!





We believe in each and every single one of you, girls!

(Names of all children have been changed to protect their privacy in accordance with Miracle Foundation’s policies)