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Empowering children to reach their full potential

Childhood adventures are cherished and are precious memories when heard from the parents as we grow up. These memories are well preserved and celebrated by everyone while we grow into adults and start families. On the contrary, there are millions of children who don’t have childhood stories to recall, as they don’t have a family to narrate their childhood past. One such child is Sania, who was found abandoned by the SAA (Specialized Adoption Agency) when she was just 3 years old and couldn’t even remember her name. Today, she is 11 and living in a CCI (Child Care Institution) in Maharashtra.

When she was admitted to a CCI it was observed that she was very shy and mostly kept to herself. Miracle Foundation trained CCI staff started to analyze Sania’s behavior closely to develop a plan for her overall development & further rehabilitation.

Once Sania was asked to scribble a family picture that she could imagine or remember. She drew one very beautifully but didn’t color the family part. This indicated that she could imagine a family but she had no memories related to her family.

With support from the CCI staff, Life Book Therapy sessions were given to Sania. Wherein she could project her emotions that she could not express verbally. She let her emotions out and we were able to hold her and tell her that we love her. The child was given relaxation therapy. Visual imagery techniques were used and meditation continued to help her calm down.

Now, the situation has drastically changed, the quiet girl is now bubbly, expressive, and an important part of the CCI family. She loves to sketch and uses all bright colors and has many friends in school. Sania is an active member of the children committee which helped her to increase self-esteem and self-belief. She wants to hone her drawing and sketching skills and dreams to be an artist one day.

Since the inception of Miracle Foundation, we aim to settle the children back into their families with the use of appropriate tools and techniques. We believe that the new developments and practices in child care, child psychology etc. can be leveraged to benefit the children and empower them.