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Educational Tour: Learning while having fun!

I have just got off a call with Sumati, the administrative in-charge of Anbarasi Children’s Home. She was telling me of the educational/recreation trip to Tanjavore, a temple town they had taken the kids to. As she narrated the events of the day to me, I could feel the tempo of her excitement rising. I could very well imagine the thrill the kids must have experienced. She has shared photographs with me and I am posting them here for you to feel the flutter the kids enjoyed.

The girls sang and had lots of fun during the bus ride

Children assembled together for instructions before they began the tour

A three hour long drive from the home, Tanjavore is an important center of South Indian religion, art and architecture. The Great Living Chola Temples in Tanjavore are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the Tanjore painting style is unique for the region.

As the kids walked in to the temple premises

All in all, our kids spent a day engulfed in the rich history and heritage of this beautiful temple town. The education committee at Anbarasi took the initiative and used the opportunity to acquaint their fellow mates with the historic significance of the Chola Temples. For the very first time in their lives, these kids saw a palace and were awe struck by the grandness and beauty that the place pronounced.

The kids were amazed to see coins which back to some thousand years

Tiny tots

All the girls look bright and cheerful in their new dresses

The always so efficient kitchen staff of Anbarasi had prepared and carried the lunch for all the 160 children and caregiving staff that morning. The children assembled on the picnic ground and  devoured a delicious meal. Although they were travelling, the staff made sure that the kids got their fruit share and snacks right on time. The kids were in for a treat during dinner. They were served their favourite- ‘Parotha and kuiska, a spicy vegetable preparation’.

Queuing up for their mid-day fruit share

Lunch Time!

The cook, Indira serving the kids

Kiddos with social worker, Samu

Subramani distributes wafers to the kids

Common, who doesn’t love potato wafers!

We appreciate and thank the efforts of all the staff members of Anbarasi for making this happen.

Much love & respect,

Snigdha ,

Communication & Sponsorship Coordinator,

Miracle Foundation, India