This February, we are celebrating Donor Appreciation Month. Our amazing donors make all the good work we do possible. Join us as we share some powerful stories from these generous #MiracleMakers. Who knows? It may spark an idea for how you can create miracles for the world’s orphaned children.

Let’s begin with Ajinder Babra:

“Miracle Foundation—through its devoted, dedicated team of individuals—provides regular updates through emails, which contain images of really happy kids. The impact can be judged as kids are groomed into professionals in various fields. The homes where the kids live are really clean, as are the kids themselves.” —Ajinder Babra

Ajinder, thank you for making miracles with us! We love our kids happy too. Want to join Ajinder and make miracles for children? Give today at

Here’s the story of Vipul Kedia, who (like us) believes that every child should have a loving family:
“I started earning a couple of years ago. It made me independent, and since then I felt the urge to do something for the society. One day I saw a link on Facebook regarding donations and—without any thought—I did my small bit. Later, the Miracle team got in touch with me and told me more about their work. Since then, I have been following them and keeping track of their progress. Today, it’s like a family to me. It makes me feel good doing something for the lovely kids. I thank Miracle Foundation for letting me be a part of them.” —Vipul Kedia

Vipul, we’re glad to have you in our Miracle family!

You can start making a difference for children today. Need help brainstorming how? Email Snigdha at

In June 2017, DELL—under their “Giving back” program—joined hands with Miracle Foundation. DELL empowered their employees to generate a huge impact for children without parental care. We thank the entire DELL team for their support. It’s already making a life-changing difference for the children.

Your company can make a difference too. Need help brainstorming? We’re happy to help. Email Snigdha today at

Meet Sachi, a student at Rice University. While in high school, Sachi ran half marathons in 2015 and 2016 and raised funds for the children both years—amazing!

ou can make miracles like Sachi by donating your birthday, wedding, anniversary or other special event. Get started here!

“You can truly feel confident that your donations will have a lasting impact on the lives of many orphans. The Miracle Foundation’s unique and comprehensive work builds a foundation of care that lasts far beyond today. Their communications with donors about their work and the orphans they support warm your heart.”
-Nonnie, Miracle Foundation Donor

You can start making a difference for orphaned children with us today:

Meet Eric Simone, Founder & CEO of ClearBlade. In 2017, Clearblade employees partnered with us to make miracles for the world’s orphans. Learn why Eric and his team chose Miracle Foundation — and allow yourself to consider how you and your company can make a difference!

Need help brainstorming? We’re happy to help! Email Snigdha today at

You’re never too young to make a difference. Proof: Students in Ms. Lewin’s 5th grade class in Lewisville, Texas were inspired to raise funds to empower orphaned children through a school-wide concession stand. Kids helping kids around the world—amazing!

Meena used her unique skills as an artist to make miracles for orphaned children:

“Hello! I’m Meena Matai. I’m a local artist living in Austin. I believe that there’s a real advantage to creating art with and for a purpose. I watched Caroline’s TEDx talk where she shared her life story and mission of bringing life-changing care to the world’s children. I’m originally from India and was moved by Caroline’s story as she was bringing help to my home country from the other side of the world. Knowing that the main goal of Miracle Foundation is to ensure that every child lives in a loving family, I was more than happy to donate a percentage of my proceeds from my art sales at East Austin Studio Tour.”

It only takes 14 minutes to be inspired by Founder Caroline’s TEDx talk, like Meena

You have a unique set of talents that can change the world. Get started making miracles with us today.