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Destination: A loving family for every child

This year, we planned to go the extra mile for our kids. Like how? We ran our first marathon EVER. Yes. The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon.

In early 2018, we discussed this internally. Were we ready? Did we have people to support us? Did we have all it takes to participate in a marathon? Well, with the support of our donors and entire team, we did it! All of our efforts were to promote our core goal–children in families.

Here is what Resource Mobilization Manager Snigdha Raha said about the event:

Our maiden participation at the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon was greater than we expected! From the months leading to the event up till the event day, the entire team–including the Program & Finance team members–came together to make Miracle Foundation India’s presence felt. The team went all out by participating in the Group walk holding our banner and donning t-shirts in our signature orange color. The icing on the cake was that we successfully surpassed our fundraising goal to raise funds for the healthcare of our children. All in all, it was a great event and we are certainly looking at more participation in the years to come.

Rashmi Wills, Director of Resource Mobilization, was over the moon while expressing her gratitude:

The day we decided to debut in the 2018 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, I could see the accelerated energy and enthusiasm within the team, staring from deciding the funds raised would support of healthcare and well-being of the kids, to the incredible participation from our passionate fundraisers.
We are thankful to our donors & supporters for registering in large numbers and running to get children in families. All were geared up and excited to run for a cause. I thank everyone who supported us by participating and raising support for our children! Can’t wait to see more and more support in the future as well!

And here’s what fundraiser P.N. Narayanaswamy had to say:

Over the years, I have been associated with Miracle Foundation India on a personal level. Our company is also associated with Miracle Foundation India. This is a great cause that uplifts orphaned children and reshapes their lives. Caroline and her team in India and the US are dedicated to this cause. Years ago, I realised what life is for children who grow without parents and a family. Being someone who was brought up by a single parent, I have some idea. But not having both is something that we cannot imagine. You only realise it when children look up to you for warmth, love and care. And so I was excited to support Miracle Foundation India when they approached me on their participation in the marathon. I believe in the cause and so with the help of my family & network, I was successful in raising the much-needed funds to give children what they deserve: A loving family.