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Day 8 Sooch Village, Delhi to USA

The kids got to sleep in on our last day and instead of rising at 6 am they started yoga at 6.30 am. Needless to say, I was still in bed in a half-dream state when the ohmmmmm, ohmmmmm chant started. It was a great way to begin our last day at Sooch. I could hear Amy below my window following along with the routine, she quickly interrupted the serious business of yoga with a peal of laughter. Shortly after, Kevin grabbed the drum sticks, and Amy and Susan were already looking for babies to hold. They got more than they bargained for because now the kids knew them and they all wanted to be held. Our travel plans were interrupted by another cancellation which means later we will spend lots of time in an airport, but that’s all part of travel in India. We finally had to say our goodbyes to the family at Sooch. Santosh, Ravi, and Priety gave shiny new badges to Amy, Kevin, and Susan, signifying that they have been elevated to a rank of the highest order, an Ambassador. An Ambassador is a person who can speak for The Miracle Foundation and its children. After, a few more hugs, last goodbyes, and a tear or two, we were off to the airport.

Amy and Susan were flying back home, and Kevin was taking on Delhi solo. I have been honored to spend almost 10 days with these three amazing travelers! I look forward to seeing them again soon in Austin. They came to love our kids each in their own way through play, affection, and, most of all, fun.




Catch us again in March 2010 when we are back for more adventures…care to join us? Contact me atbarbara@MiracleFoundation.org . I would love to introduce you to India and the kids of The Miracle Foundation!


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