Mission accomplished!

Ok, well at least we know the system works. All week we worked to get the tanks up, the pipes fit to the girls showers and toilets, all while the buildings were being painted. The goal for today was to turn on the shower in the girls section of the hygiene block to make sure the system works.

When it was time to test, two housemothers in full sarees volunteered to go into the shower without really knowing what was going to happen. Then we turned the water on and the picture explains the rest.

Everybody was cheering and the ladies stayed in the water, laughed and got soaked!

The next step is to fit a shower head that will not clog due to the very hard water but we have a plan and all the showers will be working by the time the second group arrives.

Tomorrow is the excursion to a hilltop temple and a picnic with the kids and they are very excited.

Watch this space to see the finished girls section in a few days!