Written By: The Whole Foods Market Team Members At Anbarasi

The biggest moment of today was spending time with some of the staff at Anbarasi and learning more about the N.E.S.T. program. Here is some of what really stood out for us:

  • The #1 Right of a Child is to live with their parents or family – someone who loves them.
  • The Miracle foundation helps secular homes – Muslim, Hindu, Catholic and Christian together – the Catholic nuns at one of the homes take the children to the Hindu temple to worship.
  • Complete transparency when it comes to the health of the children (including inoculations and medical care).
  • Complete transparency about the financials.
  • The home is open to them up until age 23.

And now, an update on the project!

By the end of the fourth day here at Anbrasi, we got two water tanks up – one step closer to completion! Base coats on two walls in the boys sleeping area are complete – they picked beautiful green and blue! The Miracle Foundation has the most incredible philosophy – The kids have so much ownership – they get to pick the colors, they get to paint, they get to share a tree to nurture and make it theirs, they pick the murals.

This home is truly a community – a family – with people who love the children and want them to be themselves!

More updates coming soon…