While we love stories about the children in India, we also love to tell about our children here in the U.S. who are reaching out and doing  amazing things. For example, middle school student, Liam Ballon, needed to complete two hours of volunteer work for his Quest project. The
Miracle Foundation provided the names of 29 children at one of the orphanages, assuming Liam would choose one or two to write. Instead, Liam wrote two-page, detailed letters to every single child. Instead of spending two hours, he spent ten hours and included a special pencil and mint in each envelope. Here are the children at Anwesha receiving their pencils and mints.

Another Austin boy adds his own creative spin to sacrifice and giving. Greyson gave up drinking Cokes for a whole year. His parents rewarded him with $100, and he chose to give $50 of those dollars to The Miracle Foundation.

Here’s Greyson in front of the Ambassador wall.

When we give, we model the habit of charity to our children. When children give to children, they augur a new era of hope in our global community. Here are Anna, and in the next photo, Anubhuti, with the wonderful children of Anwesha.