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Newly Elected Children Committee

At Miracle, we emphasize on the need for children to express themselves and also take part in decisions that affect their lives. Closely aligned with the United Nations Convention on Children’s Rights, we ensure that our children rightly practice their right to be heard and right to participate.

Recently, Cornerstone appointed 7 different functioning committees namely the sports committee, health committee, recreation committee, food committee, discipline committee, education committee and the management committee. A baseline introduction was given to the children and the adults about forming the committees. The children seemed excited about the concept and were completely up for it.

Some children voluntarily nominated themselves for some posts whereas few others were nominated by fellow children. The winning candidatures were elected through voting. Each committee has a leader who will represent his/her team in the governance body.

Members of the Health Committee

Members of the recreation committee

Members of the management committee


Members of the food committee

Members of the discipline committee

These members will be expected to meet periodically  to discuss issues and progress of their committees . We encourage children to self evaluate themselves and their initiatives to know how well have they been performing.

Very soon, New Life will also have its own children’s committees. We hope that the children make the most of their rights and responsibilities and perform their duties with sincerity.