Sometimes we wonder if we are just uber-enthusiastic about the positive changes The Miracle Foundation creates at the orphanages we support, so it’s refreshing when we get corroborating evidence from an outside source. Here’s a recent letter Barbara received about the dramatic improvements at Anbarasi:

Dear Barbara,

In the end of 2011 I spent 6 weeks with the children at Anbarasi Mata Home as a volunteer for the British organization Project Abroad.  Leaving the home I was embarrassingly aware of all the  deficiencies and all that had to be done in order to improve the situation for the children.
Well, back in Sweden my donation became a diesel generator to put an end to all the endless power cuts forcing, among other things, the children to do their homework in complete darkness.  In January this year I stopped by for an overnight just to say hello to the children but also to see if the generator was fitted and in working condition, which it was.
Visiting Anbarasi again this year, I became amazed and thrilled by all the improvements and all the good things that your organization have accomplished to the home since I left. I also met with the new social worker, Jessia (not sure about the spelling), a great person who is doing a wonderful work with children and staff.
I must admit that your organization is truly performing MIRACLES, and one thing that warmed me more than anything else was to see the children now happier and healthier than ever.  Having experienced an organization that makes such a difference to so many and where I can trust that every founded cent ends up where it is most needed, I would be proud and honored to become your distant ambassador.
Please find below some photos from the last visit at Anbarasi Social Action.
Yours sincerely,
Tomas Ramstedt