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Celebrating Srinivas

At Miracle Foundation India, as we strive towards enabling children to stay with their families and reach their full potential, we honor the incredible social workforce that makes it all possible! This month, we are pleased to celebrate the efforts and achievements of Srinivas from Sheikhpura, Bihar.

Srinivas’s dedication as a social worker with the District Child Protection Unit (DCPU), Sheikhpura, has profoundly impacted the community. Through his role as a Master Trainer, in collaboration with UNICEF India and the Bihar State Child Protection Society (BSCPS), Srinivas has spearheaded initiatives that have transformed the child protection landscape in Sheikhpura. His robust understanding of family strengthening and family-based alternative care, cultivated through Miracle Foundation India’s capacity-building programs, has become a cornerstone of child protection efforts in the district.

One of Srinivas’s notable achievements has been facilitating the Government Sponsorship Scheme that supports children from vulnerable communities by providing them with Rs. 4,000 a month. Under his guidance, the DCPU has provided sponsorship to 107 children, with applications for 50 more children in the pipeline. His commitment extends beyond administrative duties; he actively visits families to gather information for Social Investigation Reports (SIR) and works diligently to help reintegrate children with their families while linking them to necessary support services. His efforts were highlighted in a district-level workshop where around 40 key stakeholders, including the Assistant Director, Child Protection, Sheikhpura; block-level officials; and members of Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs), gathered to discuss prevention, gatekeeping and alternative care options. This workshop, supported by UNICEF India and BSCPS, exemplified his dedication to creating sustainable, community-led child protection systems.

Srinivas has played an instrumental role in capacitating various stakeholders on child protection. He has conducted extensive training sessions for Child Welfare and Police Officers across 17 police stations, child protection functionaries, Child Care Institution (CCI) functionaries, NGO personnel, and PRI members across Sheikhpura district.

These sessions focus on family strengthening and family-based alternative care, and emphasize on community-led prevention strategies. His efforts are not just about addressing immediate needs but also about creating sustainable systems that support child welfare in the long term. His dedication has already made a significant impact in Sheikhpura, but Srinivas knows there is still much work to be done. He continues to advocate for policies and practices that prioritize child welfare, and his ongoing efforts to train and empower local stakeholders ensure that his vision will simultaneously be carried forward by many others.

A big shout-out today to Srinivas!