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Celebrating Mahendra Kamble

At Miracle Foundation India, as we strive towards enabling children to stay with their families and reach their full potential, we honor the incredible social workforce that makes it all possible! This month, we are pleased to celebrate the efforts, achievements and dedication of Mahendra Kamble from Kolhapur, Maharashtra.

A distinguished social worker associated with the District Child Protection Unit (DCPU), Kolhapur, Mahendra has for long been working towards safeguarding the well-being of children from vulnerable backgrounds. His association with Miracle Foundation India as a Master Trainer in 2019 under our collaboration with the Department of Women & Child Development, Government of Maharashtra, and UNICEF India marked the beginning of a meaningful journey, leading to a positive transformation in the child protection landscape of the district.

Mahendra has played a pivotal role in significantly improving the lives of many children and families in Kolhapur. He engages closely with children and collaborates with teams at CCIs during case management processes. His efforts have in fact been recognized by the DCPU, particularly with regard to managing critical cases and fostering collaborations between DCPU, CCIs, Child Welfare Committee (CWC) and the families. Mahendra has also been actively supporting disadvantaged families to access social protection schemes and enabling them to get their due entitlements.

As a central figure at the DCPU, Mahendra, even at the age of 54, conducts training programs at district, block and village levels on the rights of children. Participating as a resource person in several of Miracle Foundation India’s capacity-building sessions, Mahendra candidly shares his insights and knowledge, particularly on child protection, thereby helping build a stronger, more child-friendly ecosystem. He also contributes towards planning and shaping the orientation programs.

Mahendra’s story is definitely one of passion and dedication towards advancing the rights and protection of all children. And it does inspire action! We, at Miracle Foundation India, are pleased to have contributed towards building his understanding on family strengthening and family-based alternative care, thereby expanding our collective impact.

A big shout-out today to Mahendra Kamble!

Today, we are working closely with 151 Master Trainers across states to advance our vision of “a family for every child in our lifetime.”