The Miracle Foundation invites Dentists and Doctors to travel to India:

Give back, while also experiencing the world in a whole new way!

Join us for The Miracle Foundation’s annual medical trip. You’ll have the opportunity to volunteer your expertise and talents, while also experiencing the unique culture of India.

Who: Pediatricians, Family Practitioners, Dentists, and 
Dental Hygienists

What: Medical exams (general check-ups) and dental 
exams (including tooth extractions, cleanings, and 
sealings as required) for each of the 500+ children in 
our care, as well as any of the 100+ staff members 
who may want to participate.

When: October 23–November 1, 2010

Where: Three orphanages located in the eastern states of Jharkhand and Orissa. Because this is one of the most impoverished regions of India, the medical and technological progress seen in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore is not apparent in this area, and high-quality medical attention is desperately needed. However, lodging accommodations are comfortable.

How: Fly into Delhi, where you will be met by our travel coordinator Barbara Joubert. She will then take care of all travel details. The group will then fly to Ranchi and travel by car and/or train to each of our three locations. Very comfortable and clean accommodations are provided with delicious, home-cooked vegetarian Indian cuisine.

Info: For further information, contact our Travel
Coordinator, Barbara Joubert, via phone 
at 512.329.8625 or email at Additionally, if you are interested in getting insights from a doctor and/or dentist who has already been on one of our medical trips, Barbara Joubert can provide you with their direct contact information.

The Miracle Foundation — founded in 2000 — is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on empowering orphans, one child at a time. Based in Austin, Texas, this secular organization currently cares for 500+ children in four homes located in eastern India, offering them a depth of care that is unprecedented in most children’s homes. In addition to providing their children with nutritious food, high-quality healthcare, and a college-prep education (including English proficiency and computer literacy), The Miracle Foundation has also established a family-style living model in each of their homes. With a ratio of one Housemother to every ten children, this model allows for a long-term relationship with a trained and loving Housemother, thereby providing each child with the foundation for attachment, an essential requirement for healthy human development and something most orphans are denied. By going beyond simply providing the basic rights, The Miracle Foundation is giving their children the tools they will need to break the cycle of poverty, while also fundamentally changing the standard of care for orphanages everywhere. The funding for this work is primarily achieved through sponsorships and individual donations. For more information about The Miracle Foundation: