Our Communication co-ordinator, Snigdha on her recent visit to Bethel spent some time with the children’s editorial committee talking about their newsletter. On asking the children the importance of having a newsletter at the home, we were amazed with their responses. They are well aware that the newsletter is a medium for them to voice out their opinions and share stories, events and activities that are held in their premises.

Snigdha took them through the basics of an in-house newsletter and brainstormed on how they could make it more interactive, informative, increase participation of fellow mates and of course add more variety to it.The children proposed a name each for their newsletter and voted to select the best of  the lot. Editorial committee leader Vinay’s suggestion, ‘Blooming Buds of Bethel’ was finally chosen from the 20 odd suggestions.

The children decided to have a theme each month on which the newsletter would be based. Sister Shanthi, an active participant in the discussion volunteered to help the children type out the newsletter on the computer and help them format it as well. The children were all excited and up for it. They pooled in more ideas they could include in their newsletter. It was wonderful to see that the sisters and the social worker were equally enthusiastic and supportive to the kids. Come January, Bethel will mail out its first digitally typed newsletter.

Meanwhile, the children shared with us their newsletter for the month of December 2014.