Children that live in orphanages don’t get to experience their community in the way other children do. Aside from daily trips to and from school, orphaned children don’t know much about the world outside their orphanage and, because they live in an institution, rarely get the opportunity to go to a market, see the exchange of money, or experience a zoo, park or picnic. We’re changing that by providing the children we serve with regular outings so they can learn about their community, their world and be more prepared for their future.

Recently, the Bethel Home got to take an outing and they loved it! The younger children (class three and below), went to a nearby park where they played games, experienced a slide and merry-go-round for the first time ever, and got ice cream!


The older children went on a sightseeing tour to Somasila Dam, Penchalakona Kshetram, and Kalleri Dam. They learned about the dam, its engineering and got to see the countryside. For many it was the first field trip ever. There was singing and dance competitions along the way.

Then to make it even better, the children ended the day of excitement with fireworks!

One of the most memorable moments for one of the housemothers was when she saw one of the young boys share his lunch with a man begging on the street. Earlier that day, the children were told that donors from The Miracle Foundation made the outing possible. The conversation soon turned out into a larger discussion about people in need. The message surely took root, because of your generosity, a young boy in India learned the joy of giving. Truly inspiring!

It is so critical for the children to learn about the world outside the orphanage. Thank you to all of our supporters and donors who make outings like this possible. Little things, and little ones, can make a big difference in this world. Thank you for being a part of a miracle.