The Ambassadors are having a wonderful time with 180 children at the Bethel Child Care Institution (CCI) in south India. They enjoyed a welcome ceremony in which the children performed dances in traditional costumes and a skit based on The Gods Must Be Crazy. The impressive acting ended with the message: love is our civilization.



Next the children were divided into teams, wearing headbands as name tags.

One ambassador leads each group.


Nicole poses with her team. “Greatest experience of my life. I can’t wait until next year. These kids are something special,” she reflects.


The children painted murals on the walls of the compound.

The Ambassadors played games with the children. A Miracle Foundation favorite is “Bulldog,” a chase and grab game, always sure to leave the ambassadors laughing and the kids squealing.


Ambassador Gina poses with one of the children in her group. It’s amazing how quickly ambassadors identify with the children in their group as theirs.


The Ambassadors gave the kids another kind of brush: toothbrushes! Thanks to our corporate sponsor COLGATE.


They all rode by bus to the beach for Beach Day! Just getting there by bus is an event!


Ambassador Erik Batt says about the field trip to the beach: “180 kids on two buses, four to a seat. Sang all the way there, and slept all the way back, exhausted. Great kids!”







The Ambassadors have finished their mission, some traveling to other parts of India, some flying home to work and family obligations. No matter their circumstances, each ambassador’s life has been changed forever.