Cornerstone, one of our seven homes, had been in the dire need of  two housemothers for the past month. Mr. Isaac, the director, expressed his deep concern with the Miracle Foundation team during one of their visits. In order to help him out as soon as possible, we shared  our thoughts with Mr. Gothandapani, who is the Chief Functionary at Anbarasi. He willingly came to our rescue. Contact numbers of both gentlemen were exchanged and what followed was a pure act of concern, respect, and understanding. Mr. Gothandapani shared the resumes of prospective housemothers with the Cornerstone team, candidates were shortlisted, interviews were conducted, and  earlier this month the Cornerstone family welcomed a new housemother for the children.

The new housemother, M. Mahalaxmi with the girls

The children fondly call her, ‘Amma’, meaning Mother in Tamil

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Gothandapani for extending his help, and we hope the Miracle family always cares for its homes in this way as we are all part of one global family.

Housemothers and the social worker during a monitoring meeting

The housemothers with the tiny tots