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An Afternoon with Sana

Miracle Foundation India is making every effort to bring children back home to their families. Sana, one of our Program Coordinators, has been associated with Miracle Foundation India since 2017. During one of my recent chats with her, Sana expressed her happiness on seeing children under our care get reunited with their families; being loved and protected. However, a part of Sana is also concerned about the need to protect children living in unregulated children’s homes, on streets and in situations where they need help. Sana hopes and wishes that our goal of bringing 8 million children back to families is enabled by all, no matter where they are and what profession they belong to.

Our team on-ground is making every possible effort to ensure that each child under our care is reunited with their birth family. But they are also being responsible and thinking large about making a difference in the lives of other children in need. And that is what we call, thoughts beyond miracles!

If you also feel that ‘every child’ needs to be protected, loved and kept safe, then join the movement > Join the movement.