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Ambassador Shelly Seale Chronicles her Indian Experience

It was this last type of volunteer vacation that hooked me. In 2004, I became involved with a nonprofit based in Austin, Texas called The Miracle Foundation, which manages orphanages in India and recruits sponsors and donors to support the children living there. I began volunteering for the foundation and sponsored a child, a ten year old boy named Santosh, living in the state of Orissa in northeastern India. Caroline Boudreaux, founder of the organization, soon invited me to accompany her and a group of other volunteers to Orissa. And so it was that in March 2005, I found myself in India for the first time – a ten-day volunteer trip that I was to make, it turned out, many more times over the years since.

Ambassador and volunteer Shelly Seale recently wrote a fantastic article about her trip to India in 2005 with The Miracle Foundation. Here is an excerpt from Volutourism.org: Click here to finish reading about Shelly’s adventures in India.