This past Wednesday we had an Ambassador Party at The Miracle Foundation office on 6th street. Many of our previous ambassadors and staff came to the celebration.  It was a lively time as always with plenty of good food, beverages, and friends.  But most of all, it was a great opportunity to thank all our ambassadors for helping to empower orphans to reach their full potential, one at a time.

Our ambassadors, for those who do not know, are individuals who have traveled to our children’s homes in India and have seen first hand the heart and soul of our non-profit. These individuals help us distribute mail, love our children and staff, and experience the daily life of our children.  As defined by Caroline Boudreaux, “ambassadors are diplomats of the highest rank that have the authority to speak for our children.” This is exactly what our ambassadors are to us, people who can speak with authority about their experiences with our children in India.


Cookie Phillips, Ambassador Coordinator

Our new ambassador coordinator, Cookie Phillips, took a great group shot of all the ambassadors at the party.

To learn more about traveling to India and becoming an ambassador, visit our website at or contact Barbara at