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Read a blog about the happenings in India – in Spanish!

If you’re trying to learn Spanish and want some practice reading it, or if you already know the language, you should think about reading Eduardo Gonzalez’s blog, which he is writing as he travels in India with TMF! Each entry is in Spanish and includes details like what one would see getting off the airplane, cultural traditions in India, such as the importance of the cow, people he’s met throughout his time there and his observations of Indian culture in general.

Eduardo was born in Laredo, Texas, raised in Mexico and is currently in his third year of study at UT Austin. He has had multiple opportunities to travel and learn languages, which he says have helped him realize his passions for journalism and delving into the various cultures he’s experienced.

Some of the kids Eduardo met at the Catholic church in India.

Here’s one of Eduardo’s blogs translated into English:

The cows have certain privileges in India: one cannot eat meat from cows, one cannot kill a cow and inclusive there are ambulances and hospitals for cows, which tend to live between 18 and 20 years. The price for a cow in India tends to be between $250 and $500 dollars. In rural areas in India usually after a marriage, the couple receives a cow from the bride’s family, or sometimes from the groom’s family. The cow represents sustenance, since besides milk; a cow produces other products such as cheese, butter or yogurt that symbolically a starting family needs in order to survive. The social classes play a fundamental job at the time of evaluating the economic value of the cows. An upper class family in India tends to have between one and three children, while a lower class family tends to have between six and eight children, which make the cow’s product a great help to feed all the children.

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March 29, 2010 CATEGORY: People