Our Team: Senior Staff: India

Pratima Kamble

Manager - Education & Youth Advocacy

Pratima Kamble holds a post-graduate degree in Industrial Psychology from the University of Pune. During her college days, she began working with the Red Cross as a volunteer. Her inclination toward working for a non-profit landed her in the job which she cherishes the most.

She carries 9+ years of work experience in the social sector and has proven abilities in program management, impact assessment, developing new strategies, and community development. She has experience working in the field of Education, Child Rights, CSR, Women Empowerment, Children in Need of Care and Protection, and underprivileged children.

Currently, working as a Program Manager-Education & Youth Advocacy at Miracle Foundation India. She presented papers at the National and International seminars. Presented her organization’s work at an international seminar on Rights, Citizenship and School in Italy where she presented a paper on “the school and the fostering of citizenship”. She is a certified career counselor. Through career counseling sessions she got an opportunity to learn and reflect on how children and parents perceive non-conventional careers and conventional careers and how it affects a child’s career.
She strongly believes that children are the best teachers. They teach you things in unexpected ways. Decisions made for a child should not be solely made by adults, adults and children need to work together to see that decisions are in the best interest of the child.

Her favorite books are “The diary of a young girl” and “My Autobiography by Charles Chaplin”. She is an adrenaline junkie and loves to go on solo backpacking trips.